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How to change the wiring in the apartment

You bought the old apartment and decided to make it a major overhaul? repairs. In this case, do not save: immediately proceed to the replacement of the existing wiring. There is nothing complicated, just in this work should be approached in good faith and in any case not to hurry.

How to change the wiring in the apartment

Instruction how to change the wiring in the apartment

Step 1:

Measure the size of your apartment, the length and height of each room. Make a detailed plan of the proposed for placement in your home electrical wiring and determine how it will be done in a hidden or open design.

Step 2:

Taking into account the existing household electrical consumers (or planned to place), determine which will include electrical junction boxes (ARC), switches and sockets.

Step 3:

Calculate the power consumption of all electrical equipment (microwave ovens, washing machines, air conditioning systems, etc.), planned to be used in your home.

Step 4:

Depending on the data received on the planned load, select the appropriate circuit breakers (for electrical outlets in the limit of 25 amperes, and at least 16 for lighting systems), electric wires and cables (do not hesitate to ask the sellers of their technical characteristics). For convenience, it is best to buy a cable with colorful wires.

Step 5:

Get the necessary tools and means of protection, and only then start to work. When working remember that all work should be carried out only after a power outage at shtroblenie walls, connected to the input device, install circuit breakers (to avoid electric shock) Use insulating gloves.

Step 6:

Twisting the cable (wire) is carried out only in the ARC, or directly in the installation boxes of switches and on the opportunities for these purposes, use special connection clamps. Each power cable must be connected via the sockets are not more than five users

Step 7:

Replacing the wiring takes up to two weeks, and if you are not constrained in money, it is better to entrust this kind of work to professionals.