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How to check the gas meter

Calibration and repair of gas meters carried out specialized services, which have all the necessary equipment to carry out such work and of the license. Meter readings that have not been calibrated, be void.

How to check the gas meter

You will need:

- passport at the gas meter - Magnifier - technical documentation

Instruction how to check gas meter

Step 1:

Check the gas service that caters to your house construction, the frequency of mandatory verification of meters. Typically, models of rotary gas meters is held once in five years, for membrane counterparts at least - every eight years.

Step 2:

Look at the date of the last calibration of the gas meter. It must be stated in the passport on account of the instrument. A year and a quarter, you can identify and stamp on the seal, using a magnifying glass. In the event that allowed for this period expires, notify the gas service to the need for testing calculation devices. This is necessary because breaking the seal can only representatives of the competent authorities. If the calibration is initiated by regional gas supply departments, they must inform the subscriber in writing within a week.

Step 3:

Once you have made an application to the district branch gorgaza or received a notice from the agency, its staff should be breaking the seal with a metering device, dismantle the counter and draw up the statement. Sam metering device is transmitted to the consumer for verification. The procedure of checking and repair (if needed), a subscriber pays for itself.

Step 4:

Provide an act issued by the metrological service, calibration is carried out, the gas service. Within two days after submission of the document, its representatives must install a gas meter in place and seal it. Services for dismantling and installation of metering devices are held by the state, ie, provided to subscribers free of charge.