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How to choose a channel

Channel - a metal rolling product U-shaped cross-section. Widely used in the construction, repair bearing ceilings, as well as for the manufacture and metal racks in the field without the possibility of using welding. Selection sill must be done taking into account the height, width and the material from which made the metal.

How to choose a channel

You will need:

- calculation of the length; - Calculation of the width; - Select by category; - Calculation of the weight.

Instruction how to choose the channel

Step 1:

Hot rolled steel channels are of two types - special and general purpose with a height of 50 to 400 mm. flange width can be from 32 to 115 mm. If you plan to do beam ceilings to install the floor or ceiling, try to trim the width of the channel bar shelves, depending on the width of the installed beams with smooth parallel faces.

Step 2:

The length of the sill should reflect actual overlapping openings. Add to the calculated number of 70 cm on each side overlap. To install the secondary beams will approach channel made according to GOST 8240-8 marks 16A, for the extreme beams - 14A. Precision rolling must comply with the group B - is a high-precision metal. A refers to a high-precision rolling in - the usual precision.

Step 3:

Channel made of low-alloy steel, is designed to build light structures. Manufactured in accordance with GOST 11474-76 in the roll forming machines with a rounded outside corner. To install this type of bearing structures of rolled metal is not suitable.

Step 4:

For the automotive industry, choose a channel, made in accordance with GOST 19425-74 20 or 18C. Metal has a C-shape and is widely used for automotive frames.

Step 5:

If you buy a channel for railcar, select 8, 14 or 18V, manufactured according to GOST 5267.1-90. This is a special kind of metal, which is made for the construction of wagons.

Step 6:

To calculate the required number of channel, use a metal calculator. Enter the "Calculate" the required settings in the appropriate fields, move the cursor to the column. You will receive the exact amount that you need to buy. But in any case the purchase is made with a small margin, so you do not have to once again pay for shipping.