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How to choose a circulating pump for heating

Currently on the market quite a lot of modern pumps for heating. It is no coincidence, because the circulator must be present in each of the heating system. So often people are faced with the problem of choice.

How to choose a circulating pump for heating

Instruction how to choose the circulating pump for heating

Step 1:

Most systems and pump characteristics intersect at the working point. It is there that the useful power of the pump is equal to the power consumed by the pipeline network. Also, the operating point is determined by the supply, which can be provided by a pump. You should always make sure that the supply was above the prescribed minimum. Otherwise, overheating will occur, as well as damage to the product. The working point which is outside the specifications of the pump can damage the motor.

Step 2:

When choosing a circulation pump for the heating system should be guided by the maximum heat consumption of a building. Often there are difficulties in that the flow resistance of the system is unknown. The search for optimal design working point of the designers involved.

Step 3:

After the operating point is determined, it is necessary to choose the "tsirkulyatsionnik" which has similar characteristics. So how to find a pump that fits a specific complex systems, the model should be chosen "with reserve". When the heating system operating point will be shifted to the left of the design point. In most cases there is an increase of the pump pressure. That is why a lot of noise may occur. To this problem is not arisen, best buy pump which has a frequency converter. It works with virtually no noise and consumes less power than normal. Operating costs will be reduced.

Step 4:

When you choose the pump, be sure to consider the strength and operating temperature of the coolant. Also pay attention to the amount of heating and expansion tank, an operating pressure. When choosing a modification is required to inquire about whether the requirements of the model regional standards.