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How to choose a floor covering

The interior of any home is an important element of the flooring. Well-chosen flooring will give the house style and comfort. It is worth noting that this floor is most susceptible to stress and pollution. By the choice of flooring should be approached carefully.

How to choose a floor covering

Instruction how to choose flooring

Step 1:

Paul must necessarily conform to the requirements of durability, be durable, practical and easy to clean. If you look at it from the point of view of aesthetics, the room can be laid any coating, matched to your taste. However, it will be wrong. Putting the house have to be divided into three main groups: operating rooms, recreation rooms and passageways zone.

Step 2:

Workroom considered a kitchen and bathroom. They generally use strong coverage. Also, this coating must be easy to clean. For the bathroom should be selected coating which has good moisture-proof quality.

Step 3:

Kitchen is good laminate. This material is meant to look like a tree. He has a lot of positive qualities. He wear-resistant, durable and affordable. Gender laminate has good resistance to moisture, sunlight, chemicals. It is worth noting, this floor can be quite easy to lay. Currently in stores, you can choose any color laminate.

Step 4:

The bathroom use moisture-proof floors, which should also be comfortable and warm. For baths best floor heating. It is made on the electricity or water. For sex can be used ceramic tile and sealed cork. Also often use water-resistant carpeting.

Step 5:

For the living room is not recommended to use carpet. The fact that such coverage quickly wear. Over time, it will appear trodden paths in the field of basic passes. But the bedroom is best suited coating. Carpeted Floor creates comfort, provides warmth and comfort for your feet.