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How to choose a good door

On the issue of choice and purchase of the door need to be treated with the utmost care. After all, today the prices on the door quite large, and many bad buy - it wasted a lot of money. Few can afford to frequently change the doors, therefore, not to be mistaken with the choice, and make a successful purchase, you need to know the following characteristics.

How to choose a good door

Instruction how to choose a good door

Step 1:

The first step is to draw attention to the door structure. Check the thickness of the steel plates and their number. At a minimum, the door should have two steel sheets 1.5-2 mm thick. Otherwise, even a teenager armed with a crowbar, can bend the plate and go into the house without any problems. Note that the steel sheets themselves do not provide protection at home, they must be attached to several vertical and horizontal stiffeners. The more edges, the more reliable and better will be the door.

Step 2:

Door hinges are of two types: external and hidden. The advantage of the first is obvious - they can not be cut down. And if you have purchased a door equipped with the outer loops, make sure that they have anti-detach protection - even if the loop Spila, your door will remain in place due to the special pins.

Step 3:

It is recommended to buy a door with at least two locks. You also need to buy a door for maximum reliability, equipped with night latch, which can be opened only from the inside. If the locks are different systems, it is still better to protect your home. Furthermore, there are special constipation chance transcoding. This will allow you to encode using a specific device lock that no one could open the door keys that have been lost.

Step 4:

Eye should provide the greatest possible review - at times it will increase your safety.

Step 5:

Also important is the fact that the door, in addition to providing security, must maintain the warmth and comfort of home. To do this, between the steel plates must be present a quality seal - it will serve as heat and sound insulation. On the sides of the door can be installed special magnetic seals, thanks to them that the door is closed tightly and gently.