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How to choose a home air conditioner

When purchasing any equipment, you must be knowledgeable in the proposed models, as well as their characteristics. Properly selected air conditioner in the room will create a comfortable environment and also be able to save you from having to frequent repairs.

How to choose a home air conditioner

Instruction how to choose a home air conditioner

Step 1:

All the air conditioners made conditional share. There are domestic, Semi-industrial and industrial air conditioners. Domestic air-conditioning has a capacity of up to 8 kW. It can be used for the premises, which is no larger than 100 square meters. For conditioning you can install windows, mobile air conditioners or split systems. They are most often used in apartments and rooms in separate offices.

Step 2:

Half-industrial air conditioner can cool down well with an area up to 350 square meters. There are various modifications of split systems, as well as cassette, ducted air conditioners and tower. They have the power, which enables cooling of shops, multi-room apartments and other spacious premises.

Step 3:

For industrial conditioners accepted to units that can cool the room with an area of ​​over 350 square meters. They are used for air-conditioning of industrial premises, supermarkets and other buildings.

Step 4:

For apartments suitable window air conditioner. It must be mounted in the window opening. These models are well cooled and heated air in the room. The power of these devices 7 kW. They differ in that they can be used as a hood. Recently, their equipment includes a remote control.

Step 5:

Unfortunately, these have air conditioning and disadvantages. For a start it must be said that the installation of the air conditioner will reduce the level of ambient light in the room. In addition, it can not be installed in windows. Also disadvantage can be called a noisy job. The space in front of the unit should be opened, for example, the shades will prevent normal operation. But with all the disadvantages of these units are in demand due to the lowest prices.