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How to choose a plate

The most common sources of heating for domestic cookers are gas and electricity. Usually the choice is made between these two types of devices for cooking. There are options, combined, combining electric and gas burners. And at that, and the other type has its pros and cons, consider them before making a final choice.

How to choose a plate

Instruction how to choose the plate

Step 1:

If there is a connection to the natural gas, take the plate on this source of heat, yet it is cheaper than electricity. These boards are unpretentious, burners quickly warm up the dishes with preparing food. The panel is located 2-6 (4 most often) the burners of different power, there have several rows of flame.

Step 2:

Some modern gas stoves are equipped with a very important function of 'gas-control "- thermoelectric system that shuts off the gas if the flame goes out. Elektrororozzhig allow you to dispense with matches and lighters. This function can be manual or automatic. In a second embodiment, burner is ignited in one easy motion, which is certainly very convenient.

Step 3:

If you intend to use the oven, select a model with an electric oven. They are functional, have a greater number of heating modes. Gas oven usually not equipped with convector, which promotes the circulation of hot air. This feature allows the dish to warm evenly.

Step 4:

Electric stoves are considered safer because they do not have an open flame. Such devices have different heating zones: hot plates, pancakes and glass ceramic surface. Ceramic panel will require you to careful operation, but it has high thermal conductivity.

Step 5:

heating zones can expand the burners are two- and three-loop. There oval zone, which are needed to form the same dishes. Ceramic plates have residual heat display, so you can see how cool the unit. If you often forget about preparing food on the stove, grab a plate with automatic shutdown in contact with the liquid from the pan on the hotplate surface.

Step 6:

The glass surface of the heating requires the use cookware with a flat bottom, so it fits snugly to the panel. She also does not like rough handling - no need to throw the dishes in the bar and spill cold water on a hot burner (glass can crack).

Step 7:

Classic electric plates easier to handle. Burners, pancakes are made from cast iron, which does not require special care to maintain and operate. However, these surfaces are heated long enough and slow to respond to changes in your heating temperature.

Step 8:

Cooker - a combination of electric and gas burners. This is very useful, because sometimes there are off the gas or electricity, but in this case you will still have the opportunity to use the stove.

Step 9:

Modern stoves are available in different colors, so you can choose the model suitable shade. Popular and stainless steel plates.