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How to choose a room

Selection of the room - a difficult task that requires a lot of time and preparation. To living space does not create problems later, advance check out the features of the apartment living and carefully check all the documents.

How to choose a room

Instruction how to choose the room

Step 1:

Pick komnatuKomfortnost property is determined by several parameters, the main ones are: the material of the walls and their thickness, area, orientation of windows, and the condition of the apartment door, the distance from the city center. Choose a room in a sparsely populated apartment where no more than three hosts. Consider options with footage of not less than 10-15 square meters. m. If you are satisfied with even a small area, stop for a variant where the house is located near a bus stop or ground transportation to the underground station.

Step 2:

Inspect zhileV vending apartment inspect the condition of public spaces: the pipe must not leak, plumbing equipment must be in working order. By the way, the serviceability of equipment and procedure describes the neighbors with a good hand. There are hidden defects, which can identify during the inspection. One of them - the wall thickness. If they are thin, the room in the winter will be cold. Choose accommodation in a brick building - is the best option.

Step 3:

Rate sosedeyOsmatrivaya future living space, pay attention to living in a communal apartment citizens. Even in a large and bright room will not be any among the living, if the neighborhood scandalous people. Do not take the trouble and visit the apartment on the floor below or adjacent to the landing - it will help to learn about the nature of future neighbors.

Step 4:

Specify the number of zhiltsovKomnaty in sparsely populated apartments - the most attractive housing. Not to be mistaken with the number of people living in it, please contact the passport office for help with F-9. It is advisable to pay a visit to the home in the evening, when everyone comes home from work - so you visualize the conditions of life in a communal apartment.

Step 5:

Check dokumentyVnimatelno read the document, which allows the seller to dispose of living area. This is evidence of the right to the property room. Title documents may be: the privatization contract; a contract of sale, exchange, gift; certificate of inheritance; the court's decision. To avoid any claims by neighbors, make sure there is notarized bounce around the room. If the room is home to a minor child, you need to check the permission of the guardianship authorities for registration of property to others. Do not forget about the authorization spouse seller to dispose of living area.