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How to choose a tile

Tile - very durable, water-resistant, environmentally friendly ceramic tile. It is resistant to sunlight and does not accumulate static electricity. There is a great variety of tiles, different design and size. Choose a good quality tile and easy, you just need to learn the basic characteristics.

How to choose a tile

Instruction how to choose tiles

Step 1:

Climatic conditions. Buy a tile in accordance with the type of room. Bathroom tiles should be water resistant. For outdoor decorating frost-resistant, moisture-resistant, etc. The porous structure of the tiles must be well protected against the ingress of moisture. Water, after being hit in the tile freezes in sub-zero temperatures and breaks the material. Tiles designed for exterior finishing, the packaging must contain a marking or inscription AI or BI. Some manufacturers put the tiles on the packaging sign snowflakes.

Step 2:

Marking tiles. Ceramic tile labeled AII and BII is used for the exterior, but its disadvantage is that it repels moisture is somewhat smaller, and thus, for example, it is not suitable for swimming. But the designation AIII BIII or directly indicate the possibility of using the tiles for interior works only. The letters A and B define a method of manufacturing tiles.

Step 3:

Types of tiles. For walls and floors using a type of tile. On the wall buy tile for wall and floor, respectively, to the floor. Between themselves, they differ durability. On the tiles, designed for laying on the floor and is marked with the imprint of the foot on a black background. If shaded icon, background light, or white foot, it means that the tile with maximum wear resistance. A hand points to the need for this type of tile for walls only, and spread a tile on the floor can not be.