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How to choose a warm blanket

Blanket for the cold season should keep the heat of the human body and still be soft, lightweight, breathable and pleasant to the touch. Having defined the shape and size, can only choose the material: synthetic or natural filler of animal or vegetable origin.

How to choose a warm blanket

Instruction how to choose a warm blanket

Step 1:

Choosing a quilt, keep in mind that cotton - the heaviest vehicle, which absorbs and retains external odors. Such a blanket can not be washed and dry-clean. Dry cotton blankets in the sun, remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner or are knocked out of their dust. Typically, cotton does not cause allergies. He is well suited to fans of "granny" blankets, prefer to sleep under the weight of cover.

Step 2:

Select the most popular natural filler - feather and down waterfowl. Blankets filled with light and airy. Some manufacturers impregnated stuffing special structures to combat dust mites, but washing an anti-allergy coating gradually washed away. To blanket well kept form, in the down feather is usually added, it gives the product elasticity and volume, prevents the rectangle "spread." Choose blankets with feather content of not more than 50%, or at a lower price you will get a tough prickly surface. Eiderdown - the most expensive, warm and lightweight filler. Choose a blanket, and you will never be able to part with it.

Step 3:

If you want to get a revitalizing effect - select the blankets from the wool, a natural animal fat containing lanolin. In contact with human skin wool absorbs moisture while remaining dry to the touch. Blankets for children is most often made from sheep's wool. They receive a warm, lightweight, and have a small cost. Cashmere fillers are made of delicate undercoat to the chest and neck of mountain goats. Blankets made of wool so well remove muscle strain. In diseases of the joints and spine, choose a camel coat, the life of these blankets is 6-8 years.

Step 4:

Buy a blanket with synthetic filling, in order to avoid the risk of an allergic reaction: in artificial materials do not live mites and other insects harmful to human health. Sintepon bad breathable and retains moisture inside, so think carefully before buying a blanket. Fillers also a new generation (hollofayber, komforel) can be washed in the machine, they do not accumulate dust, is well maintained at a temperature not electrified.