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How to choose laminate flooring for children's rooms

Children's room - a place in the house special. Themselves flowers of life are very sensitive to synthetic materials, which are often used for decoration of the apartment. But at the same time, mechanical damage, which threaten the floor in the nursery, compared with the load in the hallway. How to choose laminate that would be safe, but he could withstand the games children?

How to choose laminate flooring for children's rooms

Instruction how to choose laminate flooring for children's rooms

Step 1:

For children, and even more on their health, it is better not to save. This rule will know from personal experience, millions of parents around the world. We advise you to opt for laminate European origin. The best German. These manufacturers clearly adhere to environmental safety requirements adopted by the European Union. But there is another reason to choose a European laminate.

Step 2:

For laminate flooring, there are two values, which is determined by their suitability for specific areas. This is the class of 31 to 34, which characterizes the strength of the laminate. And the result of the Taber test AC. This feature describes the durability of lamination coating. Therefore, a child's room should be chosen from the laminate manufacturer, indicating as a class, and the result of the Taber test. The only way to ensure that within five years, laminate flooring in the nursery will not be covered with scratches. Because only in Europe necessarily an indication of AC, the other countries manufacturers can simply omit it. This is another strong argument in favor of a European laminate.

Step 3:

Thus, the laminate flooring in the nursery should be not less than 32 class AC 5 or 6. Do I have to lay in children's waterproof laminate? If you do not want to put at the center of the pool, you can not go to the extra spending. Modern high-quality laminate 33 and 34 class is able to withstand moisture much longer than laminate flooring of the past decade. But be sure to explain to your child that if something is spilled on the floor, it should be wiped with a dry cloth or call parents.