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How to choose the color of the furniture

Choosing the color of furniture - the most important step in creating a harmonious interior. Designers in this case recommend based not only on personal preference, but also to consider the appointment of the premises.

How to choose the color of the furniture

You will need:

- graphics editor; - Photos of the room; - A combination of colors of the table.

Instruction how to choose the color of the furniture

Step 1:

Use the computer graphic editor. Use pictures of your room, just by changing the color of furniture. The change, which will occur after the change of color, you are sure to startle, and you can determine which color makes the room more harmonious and cozy.

Step 2:

Change the visual perception of space. Cool colors, which include blue, blue and snow-white, make the room more and more free, warm colors - yellow, orange and red - smaller and cozier.

Step 3:

Consider the psychological effects produced by different colors. Green - soothes and relieves fatigue. For a better perception to it is appropriate to add the yellow and blue parts. Red - annoying and enhances aggressiveness, but it's great for the kitchen, since It improves appetite.

Step 4:

Blue color helps to relieve emotional stress and relax. Creativity and efficiency stimulates the yellow color of the furniture, so it is better to choose for cabinets. Oppress and make the room dark purple, gray and brown.

Step 5:

Very good choice - white color. This furniture creates comfort, and it can be combined with the decor of any other color. But black is best used only in detail, otherwise it will create a very oppressive atmosphere. Children's room can to furnish pink, blue or yellow.