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How to choose the color of the walls to the furniture

From the color of the walls depends on the mood of households, the general atmosphere in the room, the emotional and mental state of a family. The main criterion for selecting the color of wallpaper or other decorative covering - design and color of the furniture, its form and design style.

How to choose the color of the walls to the furniture

Instruction how to choose the color of the walls to the furniture

Step 1:

Consider coloring furniture. She is one of the most important elements of the interior, so they often have to choose the hue of the walls is under it, and not to other interior details. If the furniture requires funding, regardless of its color, the walls should be dim and not contain any flashy designs. The unusual and original looks furniture, the walls must be restrained - soothing shades, without screaming drawings.

Step 2:

Furniture with monochrome upholstery needs to contrast with the walls - they can be colorful, covered with drawings and large decorative elements.

Step 3:

If pieces of furniture should not attract attention (furniture is old, in improper condition, just ugly), it is necessary to focus on the juicy and expressive wall - eye-catching designs and colors, pleasing to the eye. If the room is small, and the amount of furniture and small, the walls can be painted in calm, restrained colors and decorate one side of a bright big picture with the natural landscape.

Step 4:

Combine the color of the walls with a common stylistic design of the room. If the walls are in stark contrast with the overall color scheme, such a combination could disrupt the harmony of design. In rare cases, contrasting combinations are successful and only emphasize the style identity. In general, it is recommended to adhere to the most similar in tone color.

Step 5:

Consider the visual effects. Cool shades of the walls visually increase the space, and in combination with dark furniture can accentuate her style and form. Soft, warm colors of the walls are equally harmonious look like with a light-colored furniture, and with darker tones.

Step 6:

Pay attention to furniture design. If it is picked up in a romantic and rustic, it is better to leave a light wall - pale green and beige colors, with bright contrasting stripes brick shades. For the interior in a classical style suit more solid and juicy shades - pink cold, strictly blue, with a minimalist design. For furniture in high-tech style with its metallic luster and brightness is better to choose muted monochromatic, conservative and tranquil wall sheathing finish.