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How to choose the glue to wallpaper

Who at least once in my life participated in the repair work, surely agree that this matter is important every detail. This is especially true gluing wallpaper. It is very important to choose the right glue, because it depends on him, how tightly and neatly glued wallpaper and as aesthetically pleasing look of the wall. At present, the choice of adhesive is huge, so you need to figure out which one is right for your walls.

How to choose the glue to wallpaper

Instruction how to choose the glue to wallpaper

Step 1:

Choosing the glue needed, building on the kind of wallpaper, their weight and manufacturing material. Consider also the structure of the walls, which will be glued wallpaper, its humidity and temperature, the material surface.

Step 2:

There are two main types of wallpaper glue: a dry mix composition in the form of ready-to-eat. The composition includes a mixture of dry cellulose, as well as various additives. You should know one of the first rules of its preparation - thickness of adhesive will depend on the thickness of the coating material. The second type of wallpaper paste can already be immediately applied to the surface. Clay is also subdivided into universal and special.

Step 3:

Select adhesive for paper wallpaper simply because this kind of approach any simple universal glue. Despite the relative cheapness, it is enough quality. When the indoor humidity is possible to use such a composition which contains specific agents that prevent rotting processes.

Step 4:

Embossing, foam and fabric wallpaper is perfect vinyl adhesive. It is very convenient, because sometimes in the course of work is required to fix something. With this glue is easy to do - you can easily tear off the wallpaper from the wall, with no need to re-apply it.

Step 5:

For heavy wallpaper - jute or vinyl, sold special glue, which consists of additives to prevent the formation of mold. Such a composition of adhesive strength is very high. The only drawback of this product - the high price. For textile, velor and fiberglass can be used dispersion adhesive. Also it is suitable for vinyl wallpaper and painting. The main feature of this glue - high strength and resistance to moisture.