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How to clean gold from iodine

It is no secret that over time, even shimmering gold necklace dull and covered with bloom. Any piece of jewelry requires careful maintenance, especially if the metal contamination occurred chemicals. Iodine solution - one of them, but also against the dark spots on gold has its own tricks.

How to clean gold from iodine

Instruction how to clean gold from iodine

Step 1:

Accidentally bryznuvshaya iodine droplets on gold jewelry certainly will leave a dark spot. To remove such stains should be treated with caution, so as not to damage the top layer of decoration. Easy to clean with soap and water as a raid or pollution, in this case, will not work - need special tools.

Step 2:

The most effective method in the fight against iodine stains - a hypo. Hypo can be purchased at the pharmacy. Previously, it was sold in Photoshop as a hypo fixer. Its use does not cause labor: a tablespoon of hyposulfite dissolve in a glass of water and the resulting solution for half an hour lower gold product. After time decoration rinse with water and wipe with a flannel cloth. Gold will shine as before. If the result did not meet expectations, then add more water or hyposulfite longer keep the gold in the solution. This method is fairly effective in combating iodine as iodine does not simply remain on the surface and reacts with the gold.

Step 3:

There is another way, which is used more than a hundred years ago. To remove iodine stains, mix in a liter of water 20 g of sodium chloride, 80 grams of bleaching powder, 70 g of sodium bicarbonate. This solution needs a little warm up, and then put to gold jewelry. Once the spots will go, wash the gold with water, then wipe with a cloth with alcohol and dry.

Step 4:

The remaining methods of cleaning gold jewelry give a shine, but do not eliminate the stains themselves. Try to avoid contact with your gold jewelry and various chemicals to remove stains in time. Keep the surface of the coating is not formed. Then your jewelry after many years will look like it had just been bought in a jewelry showroom.