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How to clean the dirt and grime from kitchen utensils

If you ask, what is the place in the house is the most contaminated, any hostess to celebrate food. For its purity woman ready to fight all sorts of ways, and to not only traditional.

How to clean the dirt and grime from kitchen utensils

You will need:

- large capacity; - Soda ash; - Clerical glue.

Instruction how to clean the dirt and grime from kitchen utensils

Step 1:

To cookware as long as possible to remain pure, her need to constantly take care of. However, the modern pace of life of the working woman is not always possible to keep the pots, pans and other utensils clean. First collect the most polluted kitchen items, namely pots and pans, even the ones that are already prepared for the removal of the trash.

Step 2:

Choose a pot or large container volume - not less than 10 liters - with the expectation that to fit the dirty pots and pans. Fill it with water, add half a cup in which soda ash. Stir.

Step 3:

In a saucepan with water and soda put dirty pots and pans. If a lot of utensils, pots can be embedded into each other. This will not affect the quality of their treatment. Pour into a container of paper glue tube. Interestingly, it is also called liquid glass.

Step 4:

Put the pan on the gas. It is necessary to wait until the water boils. Thereafter, the pan should be boiled for half an hour. The water will become cloudy, and pots cleaned of soot and flying.

Step 5:

Once the water has cooled down, you can pull out the dishes. Surely you do not know your dishes. Even seemingly hopeless pan resuscitated.