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How to clean the well

Any water sources in areas require regular care and cleaning. In the well gets various debris - leaves, branches. Therefore, the bottom can accumulate dirt and rotting plants. This spoils the water, and the well walls are overgrown with mold, slime and mud.

How to clean the well

You will need:

- trowel and trowel; - Cement-sand mortar; - Bucket; - Metal brush; - Strong rope; - rubber boots.

Instruction how to clean the well

Step 1:

Well designed so that it must be cleaned once every 2-3 years. Clear well you can own. Before descending into the well, make sure there are no gas contamination. If necessary, use a gas mask.

Step 2:

The first thing you need to pump water. Pick the right pump to the desired pressure. Do not use low-power pump. He will not be able to drain the well effectively and efficiently.

Step 3:

Before sealing of joints and cracks treat the inner surface of the well. To do this with a wire brush to remove all the crumbling areas, dirt and sludge coating.

Step 4:

Seal cracks cement-sand mortar. If you want to pump out the water. Avoid contact with water, when the pump is running.

Step 5:

Use the rope ladder. To clean a deep well is required to use a safety belt or rope. One end of the rope and tie themselves and the upper end of the top securely. Be sure to invite your assistant, who in case of danger take you to the top.

Step 6:

At a depth of convenient work on the swing of boards and ropes. The board is attached to the hook for bucket solution. When working on this device on your head, wear a protective helmet construction.

Step 7:

In addition to the use of fall protection, wear rubber boots on his feet. When you are served on top of a bucket with a solution, be careful and be forced against the wall of the well.

Step 8:

From the bottom of the well, do not stand in one place for a long time, so as not sucked his leg. Inspect the bottom. Remove any foreign objects using a pole with a hook. If you find a dead animal, Scoop water and disinfect the well.

Step 9:

The bottom of the well is always covered with a kind of filter of rubble and gravel. Pick it up from the bottom of the bucket and rinse well with clean water. If possible, change to new filter layers. After cleaning the well pump over its water. To do this, the pump deflate two volumes of water coming into the well. Well is ready for operation.

Step 10:

All mud and silt transported to a landfill or bury in a hole to a depth of 0.5 m, the Gulf bleach solution.