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How to collect water

For a country house was comfortable to live, you need to have running water. But it is not always possible to connect to the town or city highway. Then come to the aid of the well or wells and their own autonomous system of water supply.

How to collect water

Instruction how to collect water

Step 1:

To mount the stand-alone water, drill a well (if not well in the area). Surround her protective well (you can use the bar). Well position at such a depth that the pipes do not freeze in the winter, do waterproofing (floor, walls fill with concrete).

Step 2:

Around the well make a clay castle, not to surface water seeping. Steel casing pipe pass through a sleeve, inserted into the resulting hole in the bottom of the well.

Step 3:

For the water supply, use a surface or self-priming pump water lifting station. The pump station or can be positioned at a distance from the well, for example in the house. Enter the doorway lay the foundation or the wall using a steel pipe.

Step 4:

As a rule, in private homes do impasse water system. Water is pumped from the well (well) on the feed pipe into the building through the entry. From the feed tube make side branches, shower, toilet, bathroom, kitchen and so on. D.

Step 5:

To use plastic water pipe or galvanized steel pipe. For internal wiring, take the tube diameter of 15 - 32 mm. To enter, use the pipe at least 50 mm. Pipes and fittings are arranged so that at any time you can explore.

Step 6:

Drivings, set at the base of the risers and at each branch from the main thoroughfare. When you install the saddle taps, then seal them using a linen, cotton, hemp cord or heat-resistant Teflon rubber.

Step 7:

Equipment for wells: 1 - with a pump motor; 2 - casing; 3 - the suction valve with a grid

Step 8:

The circuit input pads in the house: 1 - input, ø not less than 50 mm; 2 - the first valve; 3 - the second valve; 4 - drain valve.