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How to combine the living room with kitchen

Currently, when a fashion firmly established studio apartments, where living space is divided into zones, and is an integral whole, became particularly popular in the interior, in which the room is combined with kitchen. Just type the interior is perfect for apartments in new buildings.

How to combine the living room with kitchen

You will need:

- a design project approved by the BTI bodies; - Decoration Materials; - lighting; - Furniture.

Instruction how to combine the living room with kitchen

Step 1:

Think carefully and make the interior design. If the union hall with kitchen remodeling is required, be sure to confirm the new plan of the apartment in the relevant organs of the municipality - the technical inventory bureau.

Step 2:

Get all the necessary for the walls, floor and ceiling materials, as well as additional accessories, if they are provided in a design project.

Step 3:

Draw the line cooking area from the recreation area, as indicated in the interior design.

Step 4:

Spread the floor in both zones. For room and kitchen best option is laminate. In the plate washing and finding the area it is recommended to put a tile.

Step 5:

Apply for wall decoration materials. Use paint or wallpaper in pastel colors. Pick up materials, different in texture to visually distinguish between two zones.

Step 6:

Set the furniture on the place stated in the design project. Furniture in both zones should be in harmony for the overall style. Keep your furniture sitting area, leave as much free space as possible.

Step 7:

Pay special attention to lighting. Currently, the most spectacular and practical, are suspended ceilings with integrated lighting elements.

Step 8:

Make out the window according to the interior design. Not forbidden to use different materials for the hall and the kitchen.

Step 9:

Complete design of various accessories, such as: paintings, murals, statues and other decorative elements.