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How to combine the wallpaper in the room

To make the interior more original, is to try to use different wallpapers. But this should be done carefully.

How to combine the wallpaper in the room

Here are some techniques that are worth pondering for use at home:

1. It has long become a classic option, when the wall is divided into two parts horizontally (equal or unequal), the upper part is sealed with flowered wallpaper, the lower - self-colored or striped (subject, of course, variations of patterns, to taste the landlord, but most all at the bottom of the dark wallpaper, the top light). We can not say that this option is completely lost relevance, but you can meet a lot less than 10 years ago.

2. The combination of plain and patterned wallpaper. This is a fairly popular technique that is used, for example, if you liked wallpaper with a large eye-catching pattern. These wallpapers are often visually make the room less, so to avoid this effect, you can just stick them in the vicinity of the bed or the couch, filling out a maximum of one wall, and the rest of the space to decorate monochromatic shade relaxing wallpaper.

The combination of wallpaper with different patterns can also look good. Designers are advised to consider options for a combination of wallpaper with a floral pattern and striped wallpaper and continuing or tree ornament, abstract patterns and striped wallpaper. But to combine patterns, though, it is quite difficult.

3. The combination of plain wallpaper of the same color, but different shades. This method should be used if you want to create a very restrained interior. The simplest version of the decor - wall make one more saturated shades of the selected color (for example, all the walls are light beige, and one - brick, light brown, etc.).

This also can be attributed to a combination of different colors of wallpaper. With such a technique should be very careful using the active color as little as possible. Of course, the room of a teenager, you can even try to combine contrasting colors, but about neutral colors should not be forgotten.

Tip: a combination of wallpaper with different patterns and textures may not be very good, so pay attention to the material from which made the wallpaper that you plan to combine in the same room.