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How to conduct electricity in the apartment

Wiring in your own apartment, you can instruct seasoned electrician, and you can try to do this job yourself is interesting. It's too complicated it will not name, but a sense of satisfaction from the fact that he had a hand in the equipment of its premises, you will be sure to experience.

How to conduct electricity in the apartment

You will need:

-Wiring diagram of the future; -otrezki cables of different diameters; -vyklyuchateli, sockets, accessories for electricians; -montazhny tool; -raskhodnye material (clamps, nails).

Instruction how to conduct electricity in the apartment

Step 1:

Make a scheme in which you will then mount the cable, sockets, switches and appliances ceiling. It is best to draw a separate scheme for each room in the apartment in advance deciding what direction will extend from the switch box cable. Not having finished, well designed and costed scheme for wiring is better not to take, or to the same stages of work will have to go back several times and redo the work from scratch.

Step 2:

Prepare the walls and ceiling, which will last for electricity, to its installation. Draw a layout in accordance with the wiring diagram drawn up by you, note the exact location of the cable, sockets, switches. cable central line plan to reach a few centimeters below the ceiling - of it straight down to the need to carry out descents sockets and switches.

Step 3:

Decide your wiring is open or closed. If the former, vyshtrobite in the walls and ceiling of the grooves in all the places where the cable will be held. Drill a large niche for cutter splitter and mounting boxes for outlets and switches.

Step 4:

Begin with the installation of the cable from the switch board. The first step is to connect the visor is without power cable that will pull in as the main line of the wiring in the house. If the wiring is open, attach it with nails and homutkov when closed, lay the cable on vyshtroblennym you for it niches. branch cable is performed using junction boxes, the installation of electrical outlets and switches proceed only if all cable sections have already been laid.