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How to connect the wire to the telephone socket

When you install a landline phone in the room is required not only to choose the location of the telephone wall jack, and connect it to the wire. This operation does not need to call a specialist from the telephone exchange. This connection by force to make anyone who knows how to handle simple tools.

How to connect the wire to the telephone socket

You will need:

- wire cutters; - Screwdriver; - Cable; - Telephone socket; - Fasteners.

Instruction how to connect a wire to the telephone socket

Step 1:

Purchase a phone jack. Depending on the type of plug, which is provided with your telephone, select one of the two main types of sockets: a miniature or large. Take care also about the telephone cable of a certain length. Cable size is determined by the distance from the intended outlet placement to the place where the telephone is located. It is desirable to provide a supply of wire for a possible movement of the machine in the apartment.

Step 2:

The base of the telephone jack screw the screws to the wall. Now proceed with the installation of the cable. When using the RJ-type sockets (registered jack), connect the cable wires to the two middle contacts, and the contacts leave the extreme free.

Step 3:

If you use a socket type RTSHK (telephone socket with capacitor), disassemble the fork to start your vehicle and find out how to contact wires are connected. Following this scheme, connect the cable wires to the socket. Connection The standard requires that the wires were connected to the two right contacts outlet. After connecting the wires, close the socket housing cover.

Step 4:

If necessary, install an additional telephone in the room outlet. Choose a place of its location and attach it to the wall. Connect the second cable outlet parallel to the existing one. This phone handset connected to a parallel device should be removed, otherwise you may get a nasty electrical shock, an unexpected incoming external call. After wire installation, close the connector cover, and then test the telephone by making a test call.

Step 5:

To connect the telephone, having a removable cord, use the special telephone extension.