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How to create a dratsenu

Dracaena - a tropical plant that is often found in urban apartments. More precisely, even a whole family of plants, among which there are dwarfs and giants. The most popular dracaena marginata, fragrant, dragon, Sander. These plants are not very demanding to leave. It is enough to provide them with a suitable place, regularly wipe the leaves and form a crown.

How to create a dratsenu

You will need:

- dracaena; - A sharp knife or secateurs; - A piece of cotton wool; - A little alcohol; - charcoal; - Sulfur; - Preparation of Appin; - Preparation kornevin; - Moss; - plastic bag; - elastic; - Pegs; - The bank with the water.

Instruction how to form dratsenu

Step 1:

Beautiful krona at Dracaena is obtained by stimulating the growth of side shoots. This plant, like most others, is committed to grow up. If you give him the chance, forces in the development of lateral buds in his left. Therefore, wait until the flower reaches the size you want and remove the upper stem.

Step 2:

The tip of dracaena better not pinch off and cut. For the mother plant is the result of one and the same, but when you get a viable circumcision stalk. Schedule a point at 5-6 cm below the apical bud.

Step 3:

As with any surgery, circumcision is necessary to prepare the top. A knife or secateurs must be clean, even better to wipe it with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or cologne. Crush charcoal or otsypte little sulfur powder. It is necessary to process "the wound".

Step 4:

Cut the stalk in the apex point of the target. Dracaena, in principle, all the same, will slice straight or oblique, so do as you prefer. Place slice sprinkle with charcoal or gray. Broken stalks put in a jar with water, adding a little bit of coal there. Week three will stalk and roots can be planted in the ground.

Step 5:

The new side shoots will appear in a few weeks. Let them grow up a little. When they reach the desired size, with them, perform the same operation as that of the crown. Thus, it can be a very beautiful crown dracaena and thick. These cuttings also give the roots and the plants they make no weaker than apical.

Step 6:

If you do not wish to side shoots to grow immediately, they should stimulate other way. Sprinkle kidney Appin. If after that sprouts appear, arrange a small plant teplichku. Put the pot on the perimeter of the spacer and pull them plastic transparencies.