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How to cut the yucca

Yucca elephant - the only plant of this kind occurring in our apartments. It is undemanding to care for and very decorative - direct stiff like swords leaves delight the eye with its fresh herbs. Last time there were forms of yucca leaves, decorated along the edges of the yellow or white stripe. However, with age the trunk of a plant is laid bare, the leaves droop and look sloppy. It's time to cut the plant and give it a more interesting look.

How to cut the yucca

You will need:

- Powdered cinnamon; - A sharp knife.

Instruction how to cut yucca

Step 1:

Before circumcision yucca, bear in mind that the growth of the stem end. He will always be just such a thickness and height, he is at the time of pruning. Do you Think, do not rush. It is best to make the trunk trimming when it reaches a thickness of 5 cm or more.

Step 2:

Pruning is best done before the start of active growth. For yucca this period begins with the advent of spring sun, that is, at the end of February - early March. Jukka comes from South America and was used to a lot of light. Provide this condition, if you want a beautiful well-developed plant.

Step 3:

Take a sharp knife and treat it with alcohol. The knife should be strong, because you have to cut thick lignified tissue. Very well suited for this procedure, a knife with a serrated blade.

Step 4:

Select the point at which you make circumcision. It should be high enough above the ground surface. It does not matter if it is below this point are separate leaves. After cutting, they themselves will shrink and disappear.

Step 5:

Collect leaves in a bun and grab them with the barrel broken hand. Second hand gently cut the stem at a selected height. The main condition - do not try to break off a part of the cut stem. So you damage the growing point, located on the trunk. To hold the tip until it is completely detached. Do not force it, just gently Cut the trunk sawing movements.

Step 6:

Once the tip is separated, sprinkle the cut ground cinnamon sugar. It cleans the wound and will not allow to penetrate into the plant tissue fungal diseases. Cinnamon If not, it can be replaced by a pair of charcoal milled tablets. But slice sprinkled with charcoal, looks not very aesthetically pleasing, therefore, still try to find cinnamon. She constantly sold in pastry departments of supermarkets.

Step 7:

Now you just have to put the cropped plant in a bright place and watered. Please note that due to the reduction of green mass of moisture evaporation is also reduced. Try not to fill the plant. Suffice watering once or twice a week.

Step 8:

After two or three weeks to wake up dormant buds near the cutoff. There may be more. Each of these will develop kidney to a separate trunk. Then the plant will have to increase the thickness of the new shoots. If more than three wake up the kidneys, it is better to remove the excess. The plant will be difficult to develop a large number of shoots. Enough of three pieces. If the barrel before trimming has a thickness greater than 5 cm in diameter, you can leave the four escape.

Step 9:

The tip, the remainder after circumcision, can be clipped to plant yucca, and can be planted in a separate pot. Leave the cut piece podvyalivayut within two to three days. Then he landed in a slightly moist substrate and watered sparingly. After a while the tip to take root, and you will have a new plant. The main demand - watch the temperature. In order to root, soil need yucca temperature not lower than 20 degrees.