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How to deal with black aphids

Aphids can be not only green, if you see a small dark gray or greenish-brown insects on the leaves and stems in your garden and in the beds, you know that it is a black aphids. It can be of different types, for example, there is a snowball aphids. Or black cherry. All of them are very harmful to the plants, so it is necessary to deal with black aphids.

How to deal with black aphids

You will need:

- tobacco dust; - Ash; - Clay; - Lime; - The solution of detergent or soap.

Instruction on how to deal with black aphids

Step 1:

Black aphids, as well as green, very afraid pollination clean ash or mixed with tobacco dust. So try to handle small shrubs such a composition. But trees get rid of black aphids by this method will be difficult, because they are high.

Step 2:

Fight with black aphids on cherry, plum and Kalina, you can. Pour a few times at the root of soapy water after washing. It may even be water with detergent. A few days later aphids leave. She certainly did not like the juice treated trees.

Step 3:

To black or green aphids do not appear in the summer on the plants in the garden, spend prevention. This is a mandatory whitewash trunks with a solution of lime and clay. Take 10 liters of water 2.3 kg of clay and 1 kg of slaked lime. It is also good to help the belt catching on the trunks of the trees garden. They can be purchased in a special shop for gardeners and farmers. During start up the jet watering trees right in the crown, the water will wash away the harmful insects.