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How to decorate an apartment balls

Balloons - the usual attributes of a holiday. However, they are often just hanging on the wall, adding to the interior of 2-3 bright spots, but nothing more. But of the balls can be panels, making beds and capacity with gifts. Try all of these options use balloons decorating the apartment for the next holiday.

How to decorate an apartment balls

You will need:

- Balloons; - Thread; - Paper; - A pair of scissors; - double sided tape; - Serpentine; - Confetti.

Instruction itself as the balls to decorate the apartment

Step 1:

Make a chain of balloons of different colors. The size of them should be about the same. For the convenience of combining the elements into one, use the special balls-linking. They have, in contrast to conventional two "tail." So you will only inflate the balloons and tie them in series to each other. Such a tape can be hung around the perimeter of door openings and windows by attaching pieces using double-sided tape.

Step 2:

On the occasion of the solemn feast especially the walls, floor, ceiling apartments can arrange colors of the balls. Inflate two balls, tie them, and then twist the their "tails" with each other and tie a thread. Prepare a couple of such elements. Then put the jumper connected balls criss-crossed and twisted. These petals will complete a small ball in the center. If the center to fix an elongated balloon, you will have a butterfly.

Step 3:

From the set of the simplest balls can make the whole canvas with a greeting, a kind of air postcard. Just stick to the wall parallel to the rows of balls close to each other. Put the balls in a contrasting color on the canvas or drawing greeting. To design kept tight, add the pieces of double-sided tape on the sides of adjacent balls.

Step 4:

On the floor in every room, you can make colorful air beds. Take helium inflated balloons of different colors and sizes. Tie them into threads of different lengths, the end of the thread tie the loads. Position the workpiece so that the center of the ball has appeared on the longest twine around it - on shorter, then - the number is even lower.

Step 5:

Helium balloons will look good not only on the floor, but the ceiling. Single-colored balls fill the entire ceiling area. These can be tied colorful streamers or strings of different lengths with an attached paper snowflakes, stars, etc.

Step 6:

The large balloon will pinata - a traditional Mexican toy. Fill a bowl with small souvenirs, candies or colored confetti. Inflate it and hang from the ceiling in the center of the room. party participants will need to puncture the balloon - and the rain fall on them gifts.