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How to decorate the apartment

home decoration always takes time. This is true not only after moving to a new residence, but after renovation, redevelopment and simply as a way to diversify the interior. You can decorate the apartment with the help of professional services, as well as their own efforts, and the embodiment of fantasies.

How to decorate the apartment

Instruction how to decorate an apartment

Step 1:

Look what size space you have to start decorating. If the apartment or house has a small area, then do it in the same style. If you live in an apartment of 3-4 rooms, each of them can be performed in various combinations of decoration and do not focus on one subject, but on several.

Step 2:

If you have antikvariatnaya furniture, set it so that when entering the room it immediately catches the eye. Such things attract attention. Antique dishes can be placed on shelves or coffee table. The lamp or vase made in this style, well decorated and illuminated paintings. Perhaps this will be a key element of the decor in the style of the whole room together.

Step 3:

should not be too much decoration in the apartment. Just one of the two to a room. You can use a combination of fabrics on the windows instead of curtains. To do this, take a few cuts fabric for curtains. This may be the remnants of the finished curtains, not sold a piece of fabric, etc. Sew them in any order and shape the curtains. Beautifully will look framed by curtains of transparent tulle.

Step 4:

The width of the curtains to be double or three-quarter towards the window width. Use drapes, light beautiful folds. Spectacular curtains derived from silk, cotton, wool and other materials. If the wallpaper on the walls of the room with a pattern, hang it on the window curtains with geometric patterns or themes.

Step 5:

The walls are painted with paint, you can be decorated with the help of the drawing. Do not forget that it should be applied to a contrasting color and does not fill the entire wall surface. Draw arbitrary shapes or colors on the corners or in the middle of the room, for example, over the headboard. It is important that the room where at least one piece of furniture that plays the theme drawing or executed in a single color with it.

Step 6:

In the area of ​​professional interests, for example, you can install a sculpture in the room, floor vase or hang graphic work. In the dining room would be relevant still life. In the common room - the landscape, art reproduction of color. In the children's room hang a picture so that the children could not reach them.

Step 7:

Ceramics put on separate shelves. These figures are well placed throughout the apartment, they attract attention and make the interior more beautiful. Good looks pottery on the bookshelves.

Step 8:

On small coffee tables put a candle in a beautiful candlestick, high narrow bowl flat bowl. Low round vase. On a large table, for example, a lunch, it is appropriate to put a big bowl of fruit.

Step 9:

can decorate the apartment with the help of carpets. The ornament on the carpet should be designed for display on either side. On the wall hang rugs with vertical pattern, it is important that it was combined with architecture and space of the room. In the modern interior use plain carpets with fine pattern. The function of this product lies in the insulation of the floor and reducing noise to a minimum.

Step 10:

In the bedroom, put a carpet with long pile rugs or faux fur. A room with a wide range of furniture, such as tables, upholstered furniture and cabinet will balance the dark carpet. You can enter as a decorative accent, for example, shiny floor and light color fabrics or smooth pile carpet.

Step 11:

Use a frame with photos in a frame of naked walls. In this way, you can decorate one wall, while on the other, place the flowers in pots. If the room is small furniture, put on the floor a big flower.