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How to decorate the arch

At work during repairs to decorate doorways, aisles, corridors, the standard solution is to install an arch or poluarki plasterboard. This arch is desirable to further decorate the tree, then she will get festive and elegant look.

How to decorate the arch

You will need:

- sheet of hardboard veneer; - Treated with four sides of board 16 mm thick and 90 mm wide; - PVA glue; - Clamp; - Jigsaw; - 150 grit sandpaper; - Manual milling machine; - Roulette; - Joiner's wedges; - Copper nails 2 × 40; - a hammer; - Wooden lath 30 × 5 mm; - Pencil.

Instruction how to decorate the arch

Step 1:

Measure the required length of the sheet veneer MDF. For this series, measure the height of the tape a straight portion of the left side of the arch from the bottom up, then measure the curved part of the left and of the right arch straight sides. Add up the figures. Get the value of the desired length of the sheet veneer MDF. The width of the sheet at determine the width of the wall in the doorway arches. Attach a sheet of chipboard on the wall in the doorway arches. First came the long thin copper nails, pre-lubricated lower left side in the plane of the arch with white glue,.

Step 2:

Then go to the vault from the left side to the right side of the arch, continuously pressing a sheet. Move the bottom right edge of the sheet to the lower right side of the flat arches. Rasklinte its bottom right side upwards so that it is firmly pressed against the wall of the arch. Nail the sheet edge (stepping back 5 mm from the edge) to the wall thin copper nails.

Step 3:

Because the board 16 × 90 mm, using clamps, glue panels the same length as the width poluradiusa arch such that a minimum overlap over the face shield byDVP arch. Then, this markup on the board conduct a second, external line at a distance of 60 mm from it. Carefully cut the resulting poluradiusnuyu strip. It will be the first item for radius obnalichnika. Likewise fabricate other details.

Step 4:

Sandpaper slightly rounded outer side of the outer casing. Radius Secure casing for end arches copper nails at a distance of not less than 10 mm from the inner edge. Do not forget to put on the inside, pressed against the wall side of the casing layer of PVA glue. Then cut 60 mm wide, round off the outside of the arch and secure for end straight casing parts. The inner radius must exactly coincide with the plane of the sheet of chipboard, attached to the wall arches. If the edge of the casing serve, grind them with sandpaper flush with veneered MDF

Step 5:

Visible joint casing and close the sheet strip 5 × 30 mm. Nail it to the wall with copper nails at a distance of 15 mm from the edge. Carefully polish the sandpaper joints.

Step 6:

With the chamfer milling machine cutter joints radiused with a radius of 8 - 10 mm. If desired, garnish with smooth transitions of the arch radius of additional wooden parts. The bottom edge of the arch skirting close.