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How to decorate the gazebo

Even if your garden furniture is not made of carved panels and lined with expensive decorative stone, it can be written in the form not only facilities for recreation, but also decorate the entire suburban area. Use materials that exist in almost every country, to make the gazebo interesting design object.

How to decorate the gazebo

Instruction how to decorate the gazebo

Step 1:

Material for the decoration, which can be found in any household - the paint. You can decorate the gazebo, and repainting its walls completely. Apply these contrasting patterns. Look for national designs on the internet and copy them. You can also come up with a drawing of yourself - try to sketch out a rough draft of any plant or geometric motifs.

Step 2:

If you find a pattern online, print it in an appropriate format and apply a thick hard cardboard. Either apply a cardboard figure invented by you. Prototyping knife cut items that will fill the need to paint.

Step 3:

Place the template on the wall and fill the void gazebo. You can apply paint from a container or carton gluing tape, to walk on it with a brush or roller. Choose a paint suitable for the material from which is made your arbor. Also, the composition should be resistant to changes in temperature and humidity change.

Step 4:

Approximately the same effect will help to achieve on the wall stickers. Typically, they are used to decorate the inside of apartments and houses. However, on the wall of the gazebo, they, too, would be appropriate, however, under the influence of rain and snow may eventually peel off. Select the desired pattern or a single silhouette, remove the sticker protective film and attach the picture to the wall. Smoothes it from the center to the edges to remove any air bubbles.

Step 5:

Use to decorate the gazebo mosaic technique. You can buy a ready-made set and follow the instructions on the package, put it on the wall, a table, benches in the gazebo. Also, elements of the mosaic may well speak beautiful coins, break in sea pebbles, seashells, pieces of old tiles, colored glass. In advance, draw a sketch of the mosaic on paper. Then make it on a tray or board simply folded elements, without glue. Clean the surface of a wall or piece of furniture in the gazebo and put on it a drop of glue from a glue gun. Take the extreme detail of a mosaic on a tray, and set on the glue. Alternately lay the whole pattern, giving each element a little dry.

Step 6:

Sew curtains gazebos. Take otrez translucent fabric, hem bottom and sides, on top of the make kuliske. Thread the fishing line to it, nail between the posts gazebo nails and wrap the ends of the fishing line on them. Sew the pillows-pillows in tone to the curtains, decorate with benches and stools covers, made of the same fabric.