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How to decorate the room with a garland

Of course, the main decoration of the house on New Year's tree is a fluffy, but it's nice to see around the elegant accessories that are used only once a year. Reach with mezzanine boxes sparkling garlands and begin to transform the room into a fabulous house.

How to decorate the room with a garland

You will need:

- electric garlands; - Spruce branches live and artificial; - Wire; - Christmas decorations; - Bumps.

Instruction how to decorate the room with a garland

Step 1:

The size of your window (or windows) buy electric garland-grid. You can select a product with LEDs, painted in a single color, or buy a garland sparkling colored lights. On the perimeter of the window to slide a sufficient number of security keys that are and hang a garland, stretching it evenly. Cord switch modes with a box and plug must be at the bottom, to be able to plug it into a wall outlet or power strip.

Step 2:

Decorate doorways, arches, cornices and niches room fluffy garlands woven from fir branches and Christmas decorations. This detail of the decor can be done by the branches of the real or artificial tinsel, weaving in their shiny toys, cones and snowflakes with red and silver lentochkami.Shishki gather under the trees in the park. When you want to open, hold them over steam, allow to dry and paint the tips of the cones painted gold or silver colors. Tie these natural ornaments on strings or wire, and woven into the overall garland. The basis of such ornaments can be taken and a long electric garland.

Step 3:

The main attribute of the New Year - a Christmas tree - also need to decorate a variety of garlands. Options outfits for spruce or pine in abundance. Hang it only balls, tinsel or rain. Or you can mix Christmas toys bought you and you inherited from her grandmother and parents. Electric garlands better to hang on the tree itself first, so that when you turn it on, were visible only flickering lights and no wires. Depending on the length of the article and choose a way to decorate fir - only the trunk, entire spruce spiral or almost every major branch.

Step 4:

Decorate with a garland of beads chandelier and wall lamp, mirror frame and picture. Just put electric garland in the middle of the table, so she created her twinkling festive and magical atmosphere pleasurable main holiday of the year forgivable any excesses in decorating the premises, you only need to remember the rules of fire safety.