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How to decorate the walls lining

Molded is trimmed board whose thickness is about 20 mm. Use this material for interior and exterior of homes. Mount battens quite simple. This task can handle almost any adult.

How to decorate the walls lining

Instruction how to decorate the walls lining

Step 1:

Before you start decorating, you need to acclimate bunk room. It takes about a day. The tree should be fully used to the climate. Only then can you start to work.

Step 2:

To begin, prepare the wall. If the wall is flat and has no flaws, the bunk you can attach directly to her. For this purpose the commonly used screws or staples large building. If the wall does not allow it, or you want to put a layer of insulation, then prepare to trim it.

Step 3:

Take bearing assembly lattice. First choose the direction that will be clapboard siding. Then set the marginal bars. They attach the mounting thread. As a result, should get a smooth surface. To tighten the screws suspensions bars. They should be located at a distance of 70 cm. The space, which happened between the wall and bars, lay the insulation. For this purpose, it is best to use mineral wool.

Step 4:

Then proceed to the creation of a waterproofing. On top of mineral wool and vapor barrier, set lattice. Waterproofing film can fully protect against moisture. It is also able to completely prevent the process of decay lining. Pay attention to the side of the waterproofing material. The smooth side should be installed close to a heater, and the rough - a bunk.

Step 5:

Now you can go directly to the installation of lining. Fix it braces or finishing nails to the grid. In connecting the corners you have to cut the linings width. After the finish it will be useful to treat the material with varnish or stain. These tools will give bunk aesthetic appearance and help to keep it for a long time. By choosing different shades of stain, you will be able to diversify the appearance of buildings, trimmed with clapboard, and to emphasize the natural color and texture of wood.