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How to deduce stains from wine on the carpet

The bright-colored carpets, rugs or carpeting visually increase the room, emphasize the clean lines of furniture and make the house more comfortable. Understandably upset the hostess, when the beauty of this spot appears from accidentally spilled pink or red wine. Natural dyes are contained in the grape skin, instantly stained carpet fluff, and this spot can stay forever.

How to deduce stains from wine on the carpet

You will need:

- rag or paper towels; - Hydrogen peroxide in a solution or in tablets.

Instruction how to get stains from wine on the carpet

Step 1:

Display wine stains on the carpet, you can quite easily if you find it right away and immediately proceed to the elimination of the consequences. Do not grab for a tissue and rub the carpet - just gently blot the wine, which had not yet absorbed. That part of the spilled wine, which has soaked the pile, too, must be removed. Spread the stain dry cloth and press it down to the mat foot, standing on it. Repeat this several times until the cloth does not remain clean and dry.

Step 2:

Take hydrogen peroxide in a solution or in tablets. Tablets grind to powder in a mortar. Any small pieces of it should not be. Dissolve it in water in a ratio of 1: 3. Try to withstand this proportion, as much hydrogen peroxide may change the color of the carpet. To make sure this does not happen, try wiping the solution of the pile of your carpet in any place where the color change will be imperceptible.

Step 3:

Pour wine from a solution of hydrogen peroxide spot and leave it for a while, watching as its intensity will vary. When the stain is almost disappear again take a dry cloth and then repeat the same steps as with spilled wine.

Step 4:

Dry well-carpet wipes, do not worry, if the liquid, tread on them, will be red. If the stain has not completely disappeared, again, pour it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and dry. You can then rub the stain with a soft clean cloth dipped in warm water.

Step 5:

Note that if the carpet is already contaminated, the hydrogen peroxide, which is a strong detergent may leave a spot on this carpet, which will be allocated on the general background contaminated. If this happens, after removing stains from wine make a complete cleaning of your carpet.