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How to design a frame house with their hands

There are two main reasons why decide to build a house with his own hands. The first - is the desire to save money. The second reason - the desire to do everything "for themselves." When you undertake yourself for construction and design, the result will depend on your own skills. Design a frame house can be yourself and most importantly - right approach to this issue.

How to design a frame house with their hands

Instruction how to design a frame house with their hands

Step 1:

Think of the original draft. Consider how many people will be living in the house, do you have children, and how often will take guests. For example, for a family of two adults and one child suitable option with one bedroom, nursery, office and a spacious hall for the reception. Use the bay to give your home an unusual kind.

Step 2:

Calculate the foundation of the house. If you decide to make an easy one-storey building on the framing system, the suitable size of 11 by 9 meters. In the project indicate that the foundation will Stolbovo using asbestos cement pipes filled with concrete mortar. Such foundations do quite easily and quickly.

Step 3:

Think frame house. To frame house was strong, consider the project spans the premises - they must not be more than the length of the building material (whether boards or beams). 6 meters - it is longer than the standard boards consider this when preparing the framework of the project.

Step 4:

Select the method of construction of a frame house. Specify the following values ​​in the project: waistrail 150h150mm planks laid on edge on the finished foundation of the house; interior trim boards are joined at the corners with screws 100-120mm; Middle board on the screws 95 mm; external board on 95 mm screws. Everything should be displayed in your project.

Step 5:

Incorporated in the draft order of construction of floors and walls. First is to lay the floor, then the walls erected three, then - bearing wall or partition. In the project, specify the window and door openings, fixing points and cross beams for the ceiling.

Step 6:

The next point of the project - the construction of the ceiling. Specify the type of flooring, how to mount and place control points.

Step 7:

When preparing the project, pay close attention to the laying of communications. To do this, first find out how far your home is from the nearest gas pipeline, where the power lines and other communication facilities.

Step 8:

Once you've made a complete draft of their future home, reassure him with the local authorities in charge of construction.