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How to design a ventilation

Installation of ventilation allows you to display outside of the moist air of the room. Outer ventilation - the perfect solution for the bathroom, kitchen or any other room. Before starting work, it must be designed correctly.

How to design a ventilation

You will need:

- Drawing vent paths; - Fan; - Hood.

Instruction how to design ventilation

Step 1:

Determine the location of the ventilation system. There are many types of ventilation, which can be ordered in the building organizations. By appointment, they are divided into the intake, discharge air into the room and exhaust ventilation systems that remove it. In accordance with the service area of ​​a ventilation system can be local (for example, involved in the same apartment) or dilution (if used in the production complexes of buildings). Find out what is available in the hood of your apartment to determine what type of suit you the most.

Step 2:

Choose a suitable location where the system can be installed. Most often, ventilation exhaust air to the attic through the walls or roof. Draw a plan for air evacuation from the bathroom outside the house. Pre-plan and agree with the specialists of the ventilation path.

Step 3:

Decide on the location for the hole, where the hood will be installed. The hole should approach it on the exhaust fan size. Prepare a template of appropriate dimensions. With it, you can quickly choose a suitable fan, and even cut a hole under it.

Step 4:

Learn all about posting location. It should not interfere with ventilation. Make sure that you can turn off the supply of electricity in the room. Cover for the exhaust fan should be of sufficient size so that you can connect all the wires inside. Ensure that all systems are properly insulated. From respect for each small factor depends on the correct functioning of the entire ventilation system.