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How to determine the transformer voltage

Transformer - electric device for voltage conversion. the transformer voltage is directly dependent on the number of turns of the windings and it is measured with a voltmeter.

How to determine the transformer voltage

Instruction how to determine the voltage transformer

Step 1:

To measure the voltage, use a voltmeter - the instrument which determines the voltage in electrical circuits. Voltage is measured in "Volt" (International System of Units - V, in the Russian version - B). To measure the voltage of the transformer, it is necessary to measure the voltage across the motor winding.

Step 2:

To measure the input voltage, connect a voltmeter to the two contacts in parallel to the terminals of the primary winding. On a scale voltmeter to check the resulting value napryazheniya.Izmerenie outgoing voltage occurs in a similar manner to the secondary winding contacts. To do this, connect a voltmeter in parallel to the two terminals of the secondary winding and look at the scale of a voltmeter. It shows the voltage at the output of the transformer.

Step 3:

Take measurements several times and compare the results. Find the average izmereniy.Izmereniya transformer voltages are needed to determine the coefficient of the transformer. This is necessary for proper device design choice. Wrong choice can result in unintended consequences, heat and fire of the transformer windings.

Step 4:

Today, transformers are used in many industries. Without transformers impossible to build any of the power plant. Widely used in transformers, electrical engineering, automotive, food for the different nodes in the elektropriborah.Ispolzuemye industrial transformers are equipped with all kinds of protection against abnormal operating modes, mechanical damage, as well as measuring instruments to be able to monitor the operation of the transformer.