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How to determine the yield

Everyone with even the smallest garden wants to gather a rich harvest. You think it's impossible? Perhaps, and more - without any problems, just enough time to properly care for and existing plants at the time of their growth and maturation. Experienced gardeners do not worry about what they have 5 acres, they get to harvest them is much greater than the clumsy farmers on ten acres. In order to determine the yield of his apple orchard, you must perform a series of simple steps.

How to determine the yield

Instruction how to define yield

Step 1:

Cut closer to spring apple twigs 7-10 (two or three year olds). This apple tree has to be the adult. When cutting gently, carefully cut the branches, so as not to damage the crown of the tree. Type in a bucket of water from a well or a column. Water is used in an urban environment must be free of chlorine through a special filter or more aspirin tablets. Such water should be avoided, as the branches may wither and dry up, without releasing the kidneys.

Step 2:

Put a bucket with branches in a cool place without drafts for a day (corridor, cellar, etc.) Bring a bucket through the night to a warm bright room. It can be any living room, just not the one where the sleeping accommodation. At the same time put a container of branches is not near heating systems and radiators.

Step 3:

Wait for the appearance and the swelling buds on the branches. Count the number of formed flowers on a branch, and pay attention to their size, because it will depend on the size of the harvest. If the flowers are small, and the large harvest can be expected.

Step 4:

Do a simple calculation yields. To do this, add up the number of flowers on each of the branches and multiply by 7%. As a rule, the fruit on the branch there is usually 7% of the former flower. Thus, you will learn about what to expect from the collection urozhaya.Takie actions can be done with every tree, as it all depends on the type and age of the trees. In addition, each grade (twigs of different trees) should be placed in a separate container with water. As the vessel does not necessarily take the bucket can be used, and other banks prisposobleniya.Vnimanie! In this way, we can determine not only the yield and apple fruit, but also other fruit trees of the garden, such as, for example, cherry, pear, plum, apricot and others.