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How to disassemble a food processor

Food Processor is the one appliance that has almost every woman in the kitchen. But combine the mechanism may be broken due to improper operation. Properly chosen tactics repair help you repair your kitchen appliance. But best of all, of course, take it to a company, which professionally engaged in the repair of household appliances.

How to disassemble a food processor

You will need:

- User manual harvester.

Instruction how to disassemble a food processor

Step 1:

Find out the cause of failure of a food processor. When it comes to replacing the switch, motor brushes, burnt-out tanks or gear, you will need to disassemble the processor. Food Processor is a rather complicated appliance and requires skilful handling of them. If misuse combine inevitably arise faults and breakdowns, which have to be repaired.

Step 2:

Unplug the food processor from the electricity network, remove the other part of the combine, which help keep the harvester assembled. Dismantling the combine is to obtain access to the internal parts of the combine. Pry and remove the support base combine. Then turn the food processor and remove the drive belt and drive pinion, remove the motor.

Step 3:

Remove the cap from the top and side of the coupling halves drive if a defect concerns the drive. Install the processor so that's good to see detail that you repair .Loosen lateral coupling nut of fastening and remove it. Remove the upper coupling half tapping on one of the cams counterclockwise. Unscrew the four screws of the upper flange and remove the flange. Remove the side of the motor speed selector lever. Pull the handle and remove the speed selector. Remove the handle grinder attachment. Remove the gearbox casing. Carefully inspect the drive shaft to determine the cause of failure. If you can not repair it - replace with new.

Step 4:

Remove the cover from the food processor, if the cause of the problem concerns the mixer. Turn the container clockwise and remove the glass from the base. Remove the O-ring and the disc, which includes all the accessories (blades and nozzles).

Step 5:

Check the operation of the juicer. When breaking it, remove the holder with the lid flange, pulling them to the side and upwards. Then remove the cover and unscrew the screw that secures the key collection for juice, while holding the coupling half. Remove the container for juice, a centrifuge and a CD with grater.