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How to disassemble washing machine Ardo

Modern washing machine - a complex technical device and try to repair it yourself - exercise is very risky. Any serious damage to the machine involves a challenge to master a professional from the service center. But if you are confident in their abilities or, for whatever reasons, do not have the ability to cause a wizard, you can try to disassemble the machine and to diagnose and fix damage.

How to disassemble washing machine Ardo

You will need:

flat and cruciform screwdrivers, spanners 19 and 8/9, wire cutters, pliers, long bent pliers kleschidlya cleat clamps, service hook, crowbar

Instruction how to disassemble washing machine ardo

Step 1:

Unscrew the screws that secure the top panel of the machine is attached to the housing.

Step 2:

Lift the rear of the panel and slide the panel toward the rear of the machine. The panel should be disconnected from the housing.

Step 3:

Remove the top panel.

Step 4:

Remove the detergent dispenser drawer.

Step 5:

Remove the cross-shaped screwdriver screws that secure the distributor box is attached to the front panel.

Step 6:

Slide the left side of the control panel by 90 degrees while holding her right hand. Make sure the panel is unhooked from the mounting fixture.

Step 7:

Take service hook. Insert it in the long end of the opening of the drawer, and the other end to secure the side wall of your washing machine. Hang the panel on it by deploying it to 180 degrees.

Step 8:

Loosen the screws by which the service panel is attached to the side walls of the machine.

Step 9:

Carefully separate the service panel using a crowbar.

Step 10:

Open the door of the washing machine.

Step 11:

Remove the front part of the clamp access door using a flat screwdriver.

Step 12:

Unhook the collar from the front panel of the machine.

Step 13:

Remove the screws that secure the front and side panels of the machine, using the cross-shaped screwdriver.

Step 14:

Remove the front panel of the machine.


Loosen the clamp on the hose leading from the EGR valve to the tank, with the help of pliers. After that, remove the hose from the distributor.


Remove clamp.


Loosen the clamp on the hose coming from the pressure switch capacity


Disconnect the hose from the pressure switch and remove it from the collar of the appliance door.


Loosen the collar on the tank, using a Phillips screwdriver.


Remove the tank collar cuff.


Release the cuff on the access door and remove it from the drum of the washing machine. Your washing machine is dismantled.