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How to display a stamp

Quite often people have a question related to the removal of the stamps with sheets of paper. Make it pretty simple. At the moment, there are several ways of removing dies. You only need to know the liquid recipes to remove unnecessary stamps.

How to display a stamp

Instruction how to get a stamp

Step 1:

To make a liquid concentrate acetic should take 70% and a small amount of potassium permanganate in crystalline form. These drugs are mixed. Liquid ready to use.

Step 2:

Under the leaf, from which you need to remove the stamp, place a clean sheet of white paper. Take the brush and dip it into the prepared liquid. Drive with an inscription on it as long as it does not completely disappear. In place of paper processing will become brown. It keeps it simple. It is necessary to moisten a piece of cotton wool in a hydrogen peroxide. These components can be purchased in almost any drugstore. After this treatment, the wetted portion of the sheet should be ironed iron. Iron has a clean surface. If there are black spots on the wet sheet from the top is best to put a clean white sheet of paper and iron.

Step 3:

This method can be derived from the inscription of thin sheets. If you need to remove the stamp from the thick solid sheets, it is recommended to use a brush instead of sharpened match. On the sharp tip of the wrap a piece of cotton wool. Then soak it in liquid. After that translational movement of the return on the labels of its circle. Everything else is similar.

Step 4:

There is another method. To do this requires preparing two solutions. To prepare the first solution should be in distilled water add small proportions of potassium permanganate. It should be completely dissolved. After the solution is saturated, add glacial acetic acid. Note the storage solution may lose its activity. Cooking it should be immediately before use. You can then proceed to the preparation of the second solution. In distilled water, add 1-2 gidroperita tablets. He's ready.

Step 5:

Then you can try to apply them. A thin cotton swab to apply a glass rod, the first solution to remove stains. After 10-15 seconds, repeat process. Then you must discolored spot on this solution. For this purpose, use the second solution.