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How to display the paste from ballpoint pens

Ink can mess your hands, clothes, any accessories, furniture and much more. If we had a mishap in the form of leaking ballpoint pen, the spots will not be gathered, sometimes it seems that they have the intelligence and self-propagating absolutely everything that surrounds you. Fortunately, there are several proven ways to remove stains from ballpoint pens with different types of surfaces.

How to display the paste from ballpoint pens

You will need:

Rubber gloves, a sponge for washing dishes, two clean napkins made of cloth.

Instruction how to get a paste from ballpoint pens

Step 1:

Prepare a solution of ammonia (1 tsp) and water (1 cup) and apply to the stain. After a while, remove the remaining solution using a clean damp cloth. This method is the most widespread and, moreover, versatile.

Step 2:

If ink gets on a cotton or linen cloth, mix alcohol and acetone (1: 1). Slightly warm the resulting mixture, then soak a swab it and treat the problem area. Then iron the spot zone through a damp cloth.

Step 3:

The spots of paste in the leather goods, whether clothes or, for example, a chair, you can bring salt. Just sprinkle salt on the wet spot and leave it in this form a couple of days. After that, remove the salt cloth and treat the problem area with a sponge soaked in turpentine.

Step 4:

If ink stains on wool or silk fabric, use a concentrated solution gasoline soap. Thoroughly treat them the surface stains. If after this procedure spots still remain - apply a little 5% hydrochloric acid solution. Finally, wipe the treated tissue section, dipped in cold water.

Step 5:

For white fabrics, of course, suitable only bleach, but in this case the most important thing - do not overdo it, because an excessive amount of money can disrupt the structure of the tissue immediately!