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How to draw a draft of his house

Quite a lot of people faced with the problem of designing the house. For someone who has never to this issue does not come into contact, it can be difficult. In order to properly design a house, you need to follow some rules.

How to draw a draft of his house

Instruction how to draw a draft of his house

Step 1:

Initially, determine the size, no matter what you're building, you're going to draw the (existing or projected). In order to get a quality plan, simply take a tape measure and as accurately as possible make measurements. If you draw a projected building, include more fantasy.

Step 2:

To begin with you need to draw the axes passing in the middle of the main load-bearing walls and capital. If you want to make a plan of a small building of rectangular shape, the axis of the slide on the external walls of the center.

Step 3:

Label the vertical axis of the Russian alphabet and numbers gorizontalnye-. Spend a wall at the intended axis. After that show the inside of the building interior walls and partitions. Where needed, draw walls windows and doors (also specify the direction of the opening). All partitions need to show the stroke.

Step 4:

Show the location of devices and equipment in accordance with their functional purpose (eg, bathroom and toilet in the bathroom). Perform installation explicative rooms (a circle with a number inside). Included in the table explication of numbers that correspond to a given room. Indicate on the plan stairwells, ventilation ducts, floor level mark, number of windows and doors.

Step 5:

After you draw a plan, set the size. It should be required to indicate the dimensions of the building. You also need to show the binding of each partitions, doors and windows. Take the plan scale 1: 100, ie, 1 meter in fact - is 10 mm in the drawing. If the scale is not appropriate due to the size of the building, you can take the scale of 1:50 or 1: 200. Sign the ready plan (the "Plan of the 1st floor"). Make an explication of the premises, which is a table of 3 columns (1 - explicative number 2 - the name of the room, 3 - room area). All this is put on the sheet with a frame and a stamp.