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How to draw a plan of the room

House Plan is required when the redevelopment of the room itself, with a new arrangement or rearrangement of old furniture. Now there are various computer programs for drawing up the plan apartment, but it's easier to do it the usual way - with a pencil, a ruler and a tape measure.

How to draw a plan of the room

You will need:

- roulette; - Regular and graph paper; - Pencil and eraser; - Line.

Instruction how to draw a plan of the room

Step 1:

To begin, draw a rough plan of the room. You do not have to comply with the desired proportions. Imagine that you can see the room from above. Draw the shape.

Step 2:

Take a tape measure and measure the size of the room. Measurement results mark in the drawing. Note the important parts, such as door, window, radiator. Note the location of all electrical outlets, switches and lights. That area, which holds the door when you open it, usually depicted arc.

Step 3:

Next, measure all the furniture, windows and other objects. Their size also move on a preliminary drawing. Their height you do not need, so just measure the length and width. Measure the height of the room and circle the next drawing.

Step 4:

Take the graph paper and a ruler. Now you need to draw a smooth and accurate plan of the room, observing all the necessary proportions. Select the size ratio of real objects with their dimensions in the drawing. 1:20 Usually choose. That will be quite enough. Calculate the size of objects in the drawing. To this end, their real size in inches, divide by 20.

Step 5:

On graph paper, draw the perimeter of the room using a pencil and a ruler. Carefully transfer the image windows, furniture, doors and electrical outlets on the paper. Do not forget to observe the ratio of sizes. The arc, which depicts the area of ​​opening the door, you can draw using the compass.

Step 6:

When all objects are transferred to graph paper, eraser, remove all unnecessary lines and irregularities. Mark the height of the room and use the scale.