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How to drill stainless steel

Almost every business has its own secrets. Somewhere there are more, but somewhere less. So, at times without the wise advice of people who know it is impossible to cope with any task. Such complex interventions can be attributed to attempt to drill a layer of stainless steel. To say that this is impossible is impossible, but without the knowledge of some things you can hardly manage to do this on the first or even the second time.

How to drill stainless steel

Instruction how to drill stainless steel

Step 1:

Typically, in order to make a hole in a layer of stainless steel, it is necessary to use a special grease. In most cases, the use of such a special material with the addition of sulfur lube. To find the right kind of sulfur for the manufacture of lubricant for drilling, please contact the specialist shops. These stores buy sulfur under names such as "flowers of sulfur" "sulfur for fumigation" and also this type of sulfur can be called "colloidal sulfur." If you have purchased these types of sulfur as "flowers of sulfur" or "colloidal sulfur" you can use them without any prior preparation, ie, in the form in which you bought it, and. If you have purchased a "sulfur fumigation," that before adding it to the engine oil, be sure to finely grind it.

Step 2:

If you want to prepare a lubricant that will operate much more efficiently than lubrication of sulfur and motor oil, try not to mix sulfur with oil, and fatty acids. To obtain these same fatty acid soap take the lowest grade, grind it as far as possible, and then dissolve in water. Water should always be hot. The resulting solution pour a large amount of hydrochloric acid, using technical hydrochloric acid. As a result, all the reaction components fatty acids rise to the surface vessel. Then pour into a container large amount of cold water. This will give the fatty acids to harden, and then you can collect them from the surface easily. Repeat the wash procedure the fatty acids up to 5 times. First, in hot water, then add a cold, detach, and so on.

Step 3:

Once you have cleared enough fatty acid, mix it with gray. Observe the proportions 6: 1. Once lubricant for drilling stainless steel is ready, you can try to use it. During the drilling itself, remember that you can not give the drill overheat. Pauses, allowing the drill to cool. Otherwise, the grease will not mate, but on the contrary, will impede the work.