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How to elevate the pipe

To the pipe did not spoil the interior of your apartment, they need a little ennoble. For pipes in the bathroom and gas pipes in the kitchen suitable option liquid coating of a suitable color wallpaper.

How to elevate the pipe

You will need:

acetone, film, oil paint, brush, liquid wallpaper, ironing board, lacquer.

Instruction how to ennoble pipe

Step 1:

Prepare the gas pipes to spray liquid wallpaper. First, they must be cleaned of dust and dirt. If pipes have traces of rust, remove them with a wire brush and treat problem areas with special paint that prevents corrosion.

Step 2:

If the surface is quite badly damaged, put on the pipe means "fighter rust." Degrease pipes, for example, using acetone. On the floor, and other surfaces that may be soiled as a result of the work, lay a protective film.

Step 3:

Apply oil-based paint on the gas pipes. It will serve as the basis for liquid wallpaper. Just one coat of paint. Keep the brush obliquely with respect to the surface. Lightly dip the brush into the paint and apply it first to the hard to reach places, and then to the other surface. Make sure that the room did not have a draft to paint lay down evenly.

Step 4:

Dilute liquid wallpaper warm water in a plastic container in the proportions specified in the instructions. Stir up, soak it time recommended in the annotations to the materials, and again mix well. In some liquid wallpaper, you can add dyes. By selecting a material for pipes, you can well-chosen color of their coat.

Step 5:

Apply small portions of the wallpaper, using a special trowel, on the pipe. Between the work surface and the trowel must be small angle. Apply the wallpaper evenly, layer about 2 mm. To correct the flaws, simply delete poorly applied section wallpaper warm water.

Step 6:

Fix the wallpaper with varnish when they are dry. Keep in mind that the liquid wallpaper can be dry for three days. Apply a thin layer of lacquer with a soft brush quick movements. When the paint is dry, the pipe will be resistant to wet cleaning.