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How to enable Jacuzzi

Hot Tub Jacuzzi will provide a comfortable stay for a long time, and water treatment, if you observe all the operating requirements and take good care of her. Massage by means of water jets is very good for your health and helps to quickly relieve fatigue after a hard day.

How to enable Jacuzzi

Instruction how to incorporate a jacuzzi

Step 1:

Before installation, prepare the bath room: perform finishing work and set the filter mechanical treatment. Connect and test run the bath with an expert.

Step 2:

Before filling the tub with water, close the drain plug. Turn on the water. If the mixer 3-component, with two handles, adjust the pressure by turning the knob (marked with a red - hot water, blue - cold) left and right. The switch, located in the middle, put in the right position: right - to fill the bath, left - shower. In 2-component mixing water temperature is regulated by turning the knob to the right and to the left, and head - lifting up.

Step 3:

When the water will be typed to the desired level, proceed to launch the whirlpool. Press the power button, it should light up in red. If the motor does not turn on, make sure that water is at the sensor level, which is located under the sink lever. Press the button again to stop the motor. massage Force is regulated by the regulator knob.

Step 4:

If the bath with electronic control, start with pressing the button on / off, on the control system. The display will light up in green, and make available all the functions. To turn off, press the button again.

Step 5:

To talk on the phone, in the case of an incoming call, click on the toolbar button with the image of the phone and start talking. At the time of the conversation stops working hand shower, there is a temporary shutdown of the motor. To resume their work after the call, press the phone button again.

Step 6:

To activate the input signal to the column from CD-player, press the CD button on the electronic panel. To turn off - press again.

Step 7:

To turn on the shower, press the button with the image of a watering can, for off - Press again. click on the C button on the control panel to maintain the water temperature when the temperature drops, the system automatically connects and brings it to the selected level. The system does not work, if the water level is below the position. Turn off the function by pressing the button.