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How to enable the winter air conditioning

Manufacturers of household air conditioners is recommended for winter time they conserve. However, in areas with high heat require cool temperature all year round. Popular split system reverse cycle can be operated in the "cold" to about 7 ° C. Lower temperatures require the installation of winter kit.

How to enable the winter air conditioning

You will need:

- retarding the rotational speed of the ventilation system; - Crankcase heater; - Drain the heater.

Instruction how to turn on air conditioning in the winter

Step 1:

Try to eliminate the air conditioner in the winter, because it is fraught with many troubles. Falling productivity unit, when frost build-up of the indoor unit there is the risk of water hammer and damage to the air conditioner. This raises the problem of removal of drainage because of the possible freezing of drainage system. Tripping of thermal protection provokes thermal break insulation and others. However, there is a solution.

Improper use of air conditioning

Step 2:

Set the low-temperature kit for the organization of the air conditioner in the winter in the computer, hardware or server room. The kit includes the device, helping to reduce fan speed. Retarder supports certain condensation temperature eliminates the freezing of the indoor unit. With this microprocessor controller decreases passing through the heat exchanger airflow. Therefore, heat exchanger performance decreases.

An operator with high heat

Step 3:

Do not operate the air conditioner in the winter without a member of the winter set the compressor crankcase heater. It solves the problem of cold start compressor. Heating the oil, it prevents thickening. Because of the resulting difference in the temperature of the compressor and parts of the outdoor unit when the air conditioner in the winter creates a protective mechanism that eliminates boiling refrigerant.

Step 4:

In order to include the air conditioning in the winter, drain the heater must be present as part of the kit. It removes condensate from the air conditioner at home retired outside drainage. Drain the heater is an electric cable, installed either inside the drainage line, or outside it.

Step 5:

Do not operate the air conditioner in the winter for the purpose of space heating. Installation of the winter kit increases the range of temperatures only in the "cold". Do not forget about servicing domestic air-conditioner. It should be time to clean the filter, located in the indoor unit, check the pressure in the system to carry out refueling of freon. With proper treatment, air-conditioned, even in cold winter, you can create a comfortable indoor temperature.