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How to equip a Dormitory

The arrangement of the living room the main role played by the choice of suitable furniture and its proper placement. Currently, experts give some advice on living planning.

How to equip a Dormitory

You will need:

The wall of the living room, stand on a TV, set of furniture for the living room on wheels, mounting tools.

Instruction how to equip Dormitory

Step 1:

Select the wall to the living room. These pieces of furniture - Today the most common and popular kits. In them you can put all the things that belong to the family. And they contain sections with mezzanines and closed shelves for books and utensils, closed sliding or hinged doors made of glass. Many current models there are also sections of the bar, with shelves for various equipment, drawers for clothes, important papers and many other options.

Step 2:

Select the cabinet under the TV so that it was in harmony, not only with your TV, but also with the room décor, where you want to place it. It is impossible to overestimate the practicality of such a stand, as well as its aesthetic quality. Good TV stand can be used even as a great place for the deployment of equipment, which today takes on virtually every modern families.

Step 3:

Acquire additional furniture, equipped with wheels or rollers. This "mobile" furniture is not only fashionable, but also very convenient, as easy to move from place to place. It includes sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. In the presence of wheels or roller bearings all that can significantly change your living room for the better!