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How to equip a studio apartment

Studios have only recently started to gain popularity in Russia. Before that you were absolutely incomprehensible to the format of the common lack of proposals on the housing market. And the images presented in American films, did not create a finished appearance of this type of housing. Now developers are increasingly turning to open-plan apartments, studio apartments.

How to equip a studio apartment

Instruction how to equip a studio apartment

Step 1:

A huge room without walls ... What do we do with him? There are two options: build a wall or zoning space. If you tend to a variant of construction of the walls, then contact a good construction company. If you like the endless space, see what you can do.

Step 2:

Construction of apartment-studio is not easier than any conventional arrangement of the apartment, and sometimes even harder. If creative thinking is not your strong point - in a hurry in the design bureau. Otherwise, your studio to become a warehouse.

Step 3:

But you are an adventurer and fantasy man! Carefully inspect your apartment. Your task is to distinguish between different zones. In order to divide the space, designer resort to tricks: different levels of floor, or at least different floor coverings, different colors (the colors of the walls, the texture of the wallpaper). One possibility studio space division is the use of small drywall constructions, columns, open book shelves and screens.

Step 4:

Start with the definition of space that will serve as a basis. Around him will grow and your interior. Priority arrange themselves, they may be bed or kitchen. Accents are always individual. Consider the case of resettlement studio apartments with a starting point "kitchen". In fact, here you only need to install the kitchen, thoughtful design. Do not make a big kitchen, otherwise it will dominate and give the impression that you are sleeping on the kitchen sofa. Be sure to make an island, which is zoned dining room-living room.

Step 5:

Zone reception mark with the help of a carpet or other floor accent. Put around the chairs and sofas. Through rack is an ideal barrier for the bedroom. intimate space effect is achieved through the placement of decoration items and books. To step up the bedroom space without fanaticism, or to spread the feeling that you are hosting on your krovati.Teper you got the main direction in the arrangement of studio apartments, get to work!