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How to find the keys in the snow

If you have dropped the keys in the winter - in most cases, you can say goodbye to them, lost in deep snow, especially at night, they rarely are. But all is not hopeless! Wait for spring and melting snow is not necessarily, you can use the following tips to follow that will significantly increase the chances of finding your keys.

How to find the keys in the snow

You will need:

Light source (lamp or a mobile phone), a shovel, a bucket, a fire.

Instruction how to find the keys in the snow

Step 1:

If you suddenly discovered the loss of keys and are confident that they fell into the snow, stop and inspect the snow around. If it's dark - turn flashlight or cell phone shine and smoothly within a radius of 1 meter around. Look for eye recess or failure in the snow, and then walk up to it about 30 cm (so as not to fill up with snow). Gently palpate fingers (preferably without gloves) is deepening in the search for solid objects. Engage the keys carefully, without sudden movements (otherwise you may inadvertently fling them in a different location) pull them out of the snow.

Step 2:

If you can not find the keys here, then you dropped the them on the road. Remember the road traveled and mark the places where they could fall (frozen puddle where you slipped, a subject for which you are bent over, etc.). Go back and check these places as described above.

Step 3:

If this search does not bring results - go all the way, carefully inspecting the snow crust on the sides of the road. And do not forget to look down at his feet. If the road was long and keys on your reasons, could fall in any of its place, then think about whether they are worth the effort. If you think that there are - continue to search.

Step 4:

If part of the way in which you have lost the keys is quite small (for example, from parking the car to the house), proceed as follows: Take a shovel and scoop up snow, finely shake it back and forth to the snow gradually fell out of it onto the ground. Perform this action with the upper layer of the surrounding snowdrifts, and then (if it did not find the keys) scrape off the top layer of the track or platform on which you stand, and sift the snow in the same way.

Step 5:

Another way - take a metal bucket and kindle a fire near the place of the alleged loss. Fill the bucket with snow and put it into the fire. wait until the snow melts a bit and is sufficiently liquid. Then slowly pour the water on flat ground without snow. In the process of pouring or already formed a puddle look out for clues. Repeat this procedure until until you find the key or make sure that they are not in this place.

Step 6:

The last way - in case you have not found the key or one of the above methods, wait for spring. Inspect loss occurs when snow melts.